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Energetically Healing Family Problems


Energetically Healing Family Problems From a spiritual standpoint we believe all good comes from an open heart and a trust in the universe’s powers that are defined as love, connection and unity among all prevails. If you are having problems with family members/friends try this technique: 1. Light a candle and close your eyes. [...]

Energetically Healing Family Problems2018-06-05T13:40:08-05:00

Energy Healing For Animals?


Energy Healing For Animals You may not know but I have been heavily involved in working with animals since I was 18-years-old. My first career was running a pet sitting service. Then about five years later I learned dog training and started a business. Then in 2003 I started a non-profit humane society for [...]

Energy Healing For Animals?2018-06-05T13:10:58-05:00

Healing The Soul


Healing The Soul For some time now I have been a student of shamanism. I take people on guided journey’s to find their animal protector, use my drum to guide people in visual meditation journeys and walk with nature communicating in the Earth’s beautiful language. Now I am in deep study and practice to [...]

Healing The Soul2018-06-05T13:11:49-05:00

Fathers and Daughters


Fathers and Daughters Yesterday when walking down the path behind my house I passed by a teenage girl and her dad jogging. The girl’s ponytail was swinging back and forth and they were running in rhythm with each other. It was a togetherness I could feel as they went past me. The relationship between [...]

Fathers and Daughters2018-06-05T13:08:19-05:00

Angel Communication


Angel Communication Growing up in a Conservative Jewish home was all about the many traditions of the faith, reading the torah, going to private Jewish school and the closeness of the community. But there was nothing that I can recall that was taught to me about angels. In my mind angels were of the [...]

Angel Communication2018-06-05T13:12:43-05:00

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! Dear Friends: It's been quite a while since I've written you.  I've been on an intensive journey of self-discovery these past few months...as well as a bit of winter hibernation.  It's been a time for me to reflect, renew and take in messages that are shared with me through my subconscious, [...]

Happy New Year!2018-06-05T13:13:45-05:00

Happy Tuesday!


Happy Tuesday! It's been a while since I have written to you. Winters are long and hard for me intuitively, spiritually and chemically. In that way I act like a bear and hibernate. But the sun in shining and it's warming up so I feel my inspiration beginning to flow again as I wake [...]

Happy Tuesday!2018-06-05T13:15:04-05:00

Spread Love Not Fear


Spread Love Not Fear Today I am sharing with you a message I posted this morning on Animal Education and Rescue's Facebook page.  I thought it may serve you in some way.  Here it is: Good Sunday Morning! Since yesterday's adoption event at Pet Smart I've had something on my mind.  During the two [...]

Spread Love Not Fear2018-06-05T13:16:02-05:00

Today My Heart Is Open


Today My Heart Is Open Good day everyone!!  It's been a while since I've checked in.  In all honesty, winter is hard on me.  I struggle with Season Affective Disorder (SAD) and so I haven't been as motivated in general lately.  But here I am today, pushing and plugging away, doing my best to [...]

Today My Heart Is Open2018-06-05T13:17:33-05:00

Surround Yourself Around Positive People


Surround Yourself Around Positive People Dear Friends of Mindful Spirit: About two years ago I registered on meet up, a social networking web site, and started my first group, Ladies of Importance. I did it because I wanted to meet new people. Better yet, I wanted to meet like-minded people. I yearned for connections; [...]

Surround Yourself Around Positive People2018-06-05T13:20:44-05:00

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