Fathers and Daughters

Yesterday when walking down the path behind my house I passed by a teenage girl and her dad jogging. The girl’s ponytail was swinging back and forth and they were running in rhythm with each other. It was a togetherness I could feel as they went past me.

The relationship between a father and a daughter is like no other. Daughters need their dads so badly and the relationship they have with their fathers impacts their entire life. When that relationship is missing or negative it sets that child on a hard road.

My experience with my two fathers has provided me many valuable lessons. I choose to remember those fragments of times when I could feel the bond that one should feel with their father. I can pull up those nuggets of times and smile and feel my heart expand.

The rest of the memories with them have taught me to remain humble, understanding, forgiving and has made me stronger. I wouldn’t change a thing.