Spread Love Not Fear

Today I am sharing with you a message I posted this morning on Animal Education and Rescue’s Facebook page.  I thought it may serve you in some way.  Here it is:

Good Sunday Morning!

Since yesterday’s adoption event at Pet Smart I’ve had something on my mind.  During the two hours we were there I had numerous people approach me who came to Pet Smart specifically to see me and say hello.  They follow this page closely.  The perspective they shared about this page and my posts was very humbling and affirmed to me that I am making a positive impact…which is all I hope to accomplish every day.

They shared how the stories I write really move them and that, “I look forward to reading it every day.”  One person shared with me all about what was going on in her life…a long distance move and photos of her beloved animals.  I was touched more than I could possibly explain that they took the time out of their precious day to come and visit with me.

Then it got me thinking…

There is so much fear in the United States right now.  Most everywhere I go and everyone I know have expressed their unrest about the government or they are combating the negativity that is being spread about the government. Either ship you sail it’s all so negative.  I don’t read, listen or watch the news but my personal Facebook page, which I guard closely, was becoming inundated with comments and posts filled with anger, frustration and fear.  I unfollowed many people, including my family members, just so I didn’t have to read all the negatively charged posts.

Living with a variety of animal for so many years has brought with it many difficulties, yet also many, many blessings.  One of the biggest blessings has been being able to observe how animals see things and how they choose to live their lives.

Animals, for the most part, live in the moment.  They don’t know or care what happened yesterday or worry about what is going to happen tomorrow.  They jump for joy when I throw a toy for them, they wiggle and waggle their butts at meal times.  They leap up and down with total abandon when I come home.

Jazzy, the orange cat I am fostering, saunters over to me when I begin yoga and without needing to be reminded to “breathe deeply and slowly” but instead casually and effortlessly joins in, just enjoying our time together.

Lola, clearly knowing what it’s like not to be loved and given attention, relishes in pets and massages.  She smiles as she watches Chuck and I move about our day, just thrilled to be included.  She smiles from ear to ear, just happy, simply happy.

While I can go on and on sharing story after story of animals I live with just enjoying life, appreciating the moment and deeply and positively affected by “connecting with other souls” that would take too long.  But each moment of each day I see it play out.

Further yet, I have been thinking, all this fear and negativity is catchy.  We are all connected energetically.  Scientifically it’s been proven.  While some people are more sensitive than others, I being one of them, we all can sense when we walk in a room of people and there is tension and angst.  We can sense when we go somewhere and those in that space are filled with happiness and joy.  When we spend time with others in our daily lives we can feel everyone’s energy.  The stronger the feeling the more affected we are by it.

In my life every day, sometimes many times a day if need be, I make a point to check how I am feeling and if I am feeling fearful, angry, hurt, etc. I work on changing my vibration so that I don’t affect others with any negativity.  I do my best to “live inside as many moments as possible” just as my animals do.  I start each day raising my vibration so that I can energetically express joy, peace and happiness.  It’s not always easy…in fact it’s a daily practice.  Lately, though, even though I don’t purposely read any news, negativity is following me around at times like a dark cloud.

Then it got me thinking…

1.  It’s so important for me to continue to be consciously aware of positive connections with others, like yesterday’s kind and generous people who came by to say hello.  I need to continue to be grateful for those moments and thankful and express my gratitude to those people who positively touch my life.
2.  Know that worrying about things I have zero control over is not helpful to me.  Instead I will keep working hard at spreading love and positive vibrations through my daily personal interactions, whether in person, through phone calls, e-mails and in my writings.
3.  Encourage others to let go of anger and fear (which is really one in the same)…asking themselves, when in a place of fear or anger, “filling my heart and mind with, (this or that negative thought), how does it positively serve me?”  If the answer is “it doesn’t” then let it go. ( It’s hard to do but with practice it gets easier.)
4.  Keep seeing life through my dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc., eyes and trying to live like they do, relishing deeply the moment.

It is my hope that maybe something I said today helps you in some way.  I’ll end this post by sharing the prayer I start every day with and if it seems right to you maybe make it your prayer today.  It’s always a variation of this:

“Wise universe, angels and guides:  Today please protect me and keep me safe.  Help me to help others in whatever way I can today.  Help me to do my best and be my best today.  Help me to see everyday miracles today.  I fill my heart with love for myself today.  I open my heart to share love with everyone I come into contact with today.  Love is the most important thing I can express.  I am always grateful, humble and open to learning.”

Enjoy your day!

Sandy Kamen Wisniewski


p.s. Monday night is our Monday night meditation from 7-8 p.m. at ADIO Chiropractic Clinic in Libertyville.  I hope you’ll consider joining us.  If you love dogs we do meditation with dogs twice a month.  You can learn more on my web site.

(Photo of Lola)