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Creating A Sacred Space


Creating A Sacred Space Dear Friends, I hope you are having a peaceful Friday thus far. As I was sitting preparing for my morning meditation I thought about my meditation space, thus my e-mail to you now. Creating a sacred space for meditation I believe is vital for all of us that wish to [...]

Creating A Sacred Space2018-06-05T13:21:49-05:00

The Winter Blues


The Winter Blues How I learned to live with it A few weeks ago, on a hot and humid Friday, I rode my bike around town looking for garage sales.  The sun was high in the sky and I could feel the warmth of it generously bathing my skin. Following garage sales signs pointing [...]

The Winter Blues2018-06-05T13:23:00-05:00

Best Quality Life


Best Quality Life Good morning! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your morning so far. About two years ago I started another company called Mindful Spirit. Through it I focus on helping people; mind, body and spirit. I went through extensive training and certification and continue to learn and grow every [...]

Best Quality Life2018-06-05T13:24:13-05:00

May Your Day Be Filled With Happy Moments


May Your Day Be Filled With Happy Moments I hope the above message brings a smile to your heart today. This morning as I was working outside on my upper deck I heard a very loud crash and knew that it was a car accident just seconds from where I sat. It's a menacing [...]

May Your Day Be Filled With Happy Moments2018-06-05T13:25:36-05:00

Setting A Positive Intention


Setting A Positive Intention I like this saying and would like to expand on it. Yes, it's true that we should be mindful of not joining with a crowd going the wrong direction. As we get older more often it's individuals which we get caught up with that aren't good for our emotional good [...]

Setting A Positive Intention2018-06-05T13:27:23-05:00

Laughing Triple


Laughing Triple I saw this and thought of you. You joined this group because clearly you want to be as healthy as possible. One of my challenges in life is getting stuck being too serious and not laughing enough. When I realize that it's been a while since I have truly laughed I try [...]

Laughing Triple2018-06-05T13:29:08-05:00

Finding Balance


Finding Balance Dear Ladies: This morning I saw this and thought of you. I think it's especially important for women to remember. We have a tendency to take care of everyone else first and then ourselves. That's how we get wrapped up in making others happy and living through other people's happiness. That will [...]

Finding Balance2018-06-05T13:30:41-05:00

Love and Let Go


Love and Let Go This saying is so true. The Earth is made up of not only of dense energy (things we can see) but high-vibrating energy that we cannot visually see but that we can "feel or sense" with our intuition. We all are able to sense people's emotions. Those emotions affect us. [...]

Love and Let Go2018-06-05T13:32:44-05:00

Five Weeks Of Spiritual Growth


Five Weeks Of Spiritual Growth Those of you comfortable with your spirituality are very fortunate. But many people are still exploring, yearning and learning about their spirituality. It's as if there is a "knowing" that there is a better way to live but we are not sure how to get there. I have been [...]

Five Weeks Of Spiritual Growth2018-06-05T13:34:28-05:00

Reasons, Lessons and Hope


Reasons, Lessons and Hope Our mental and emotional good health is vital to our physical well being.  One doesn't go without the other, if we are to be healthy human beings.  I am running a seven-week class on health and wellness.  It's combining all three elements for a healthy life... healthy mind, body and [...]

Reasons, Lessons and Hope2018-06-05T13:35:41-05:00

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