Energetically Healing Family Problems

From a spiritual standpoint we believe all good comes from an open heart and a trust in the universe’s powers that are defined as love, connection and unity among all prevails. If you are having problems with family members/friends try this technique:

1. Light a candle and close your eyes.
2. Go into a meditation, concentrating on your breathing to relax your body.
3. Say, “peace, love, acceptance and forgiveness.”
4. Visualize opening up your heart chakra.
5. Now visualize sending your energetic love through your heart chakra to the family member you are having issues with.
6. Imagine wrapping that person up in your energetic love and say, “peace, love, acceptance and forgiveness to you (name).
7. Then take a few nice, deep breathes and say, “I trust in the universe and my heart is open.”

Then just let go of any expectations and go about your day/week and see if anything shifts or changes. Keep your heart open.

You have every ability to make positive changes and control your actions and attitudes. That’s the important thing to remember. You have no control over other people. But you certainly can have faith that if you truly and deeply lead your life with an open heart, ultimately you will see beautiful gifts of forgiveness and clarity come forward in unexpected way.

Peace and love to you,
Sandy Kamen-Wisniewski