Happy New Year!

Dear Friends:

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written you.  I’ve been on an intensive journey of self-discovery these past few months…as well as a bit of winter hibernation.  It’s been a time for me to reflect, renew and take in messages that are shared with me through my subconscious, through source and through my heart.  And so I thought I would share a bit of what I’ve experienced as of late with you in the hopes that I may be able to help you in some way.

If you’ve been reading my e-mail letters for a while now you may remember that I have been challenged every winter of my life with “the winter blues” or more specifically, Seasonal Affective Disorder.  I shared in the past what I have done to combat it throughout the years where I have experienced moderate success.  I talked about having having full spectrum lights in my house, my walls painted in bright and cheerful shades, eating a whole food diet rich with fresh veggies and fruits and my daily intake of vitamin B and vitamin D supplements.  I spoke about exercising and stretching and meditating too.

I have been doing all of those things but still felt a bit “heavy and down.”  This year, thanks to my amazing partner Chuck’s research on the subject, I have added yet another element to my regime.  It’s a group of supplements specifically used for people who suffer with SAD based on scientific studies.  I believe that was the final thing I needed to completely rid myself of the pesky, gnawing “winter blues.”  AND now, with this new vitamin/supplement, I have been able to eliminated the one anti-depressant drug I was taking.   If you want to know what those supplements are feel free to e-mail me and I’ll share it with you.

Another thing I started doing that has really enriched my life is that I started volunteering for a non-profit organization called, Infinity Foundation.  The non-profit organization provides classes on holistic health, wellness, metaphysics and spirituality.  (This is above and beyond the ongoing volunteering I do for the humane society for animals that I run.)  My typical “job” as a volunteer for the Infinity Foundation is to be the greeter at classes and check people in.  I also help the instructor by setting up chairs, introducing them to the audience and make sure that all participants have what they need and are comfortable.  In exchange I can attend the class at no charge.  Sometimes I attend the class, sometimes I don’t.

Through volunteering for Infinity Foundation I have met so many like-minded people.  I have met fascinating instructors and been able to get to know some of them on a more intimate level.  When I’ve taken the classes I have learned so many fascinating things that I wouldn’t otherwise know.  It’s been a huge blessing.  I encourage you all to find something that interests you and volunteer your time so you too can meet like-minded people and do what fills your heart and mind.

Recently I have been led to some really neat opportunities to learn.  There are some internet sites that have helped me to continue to expand my knowledge and inspire me.  Masterclass is a series of classes taught by famous people in the arts.  Two of the instructors were the motivators for me to sign up for a year of classes.  Judy Blume, a famous children’s author, was my favorite author as a child.  She teaches a class on writing.  Then there is Steve Martin, who teaches a class on comedy.

One other recent “find” online was www.gaia.com.  I’m totally pumped up by it.  I discovered it when I saw an ad over and over on my Facebook page.  Basically it showed that Gaia had yoga classes. That was interesting but not enough for me to buy into it. But only after I explored it further I saw that they had a TON of documentaries on health and wellness, films carrying inspirational messages and much more.  I am HOOKED!  And it’s not expensive at all.  (I promise I am not a spokesperson for Gaia nor do I make any money for promoting them here.)

One of the documentaries I watched was The Secret.  I knew about the “Power of Attraction” but this film gave me additional tools.  It reminded me of the importance of being mindful of what I am thinking and feeling…that what I believe and what I think is what will come true.  It really got me to reflect on my entire life and I had some serious “ah ha” moments.  It was then that I said to myself:  I have been “dreaming” of moving to a new place with more land to expand my humane society.  I was doing it wrong.  Instead I need to really BELIEVE it is TRUE.  That has shifted my focus from dreaming to BELIEVING.  I am excited to see what this new year brings.

Finally, I’ve been reading a lot of books written by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  He’s so wise and inspirational!  This morning I randomly picked a page from his book, There Is A Spiritual Solution For Every Problem.  He talked about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people.  He said to avoid watching the news because it’s always so negative and not to watch movies/shows that have a negative message and don’t raise your vibration. Instead he said to watch things and read things that are inspirational.  He also talked about our physical health and to not give a lot of attention to illness but instead to have an attitude of good health.  That what you focus on is what grows.  So true!

Monday nights from 7-8 p.m. I am still running the guided meditations at ADIO Chiropractic Clinic in Libertyville.  It’s just $10 bucks and a wonderful weekly experience.  I hope you’ll consider joining me.  I also am offering distance healing at a discounted $35.00/session and in-office energy healing for $60.00/hour for the months of January and February.  That’s a $15.00 discount.  If you are interested please reach out.

May this new year bring you great joy, the best health and peace in your heart.


Sandy Kamen Wisniewski