Spiritual coaching is a one-on-one program with Sandy.  This is meant for people who want to deepen their life spiritually, physically and soulfully.

Sandy will work with you on attainable goals to improve your physical health and work with energy within and without to increase your positive energy flow.  She will teach you about deepening your spirituality through meditation, mindfulness, positive affirmations, reading, writing and much, much more.

This is meant for someone who is motivated and prepared to work hard every day to change, grow and live the emotionally rich, spiritually enlightened life you’ve always dreamed of.

  • This is a 10-week program
  • Each week is one hour of one-on-one plus customized assignments to complete each week
  • The program is paid in 2 installments, half at the beginning and second half midway through.
While each person is different and where they are energetically and spiritually is different the following gives you an overall idea of some of the things i cover in the coaching program.
First ten sessions:
  • Learn the fundamentals of spirituality and Buddhism
  • Explore the body and spiritual energy systems
  • Learn the daily tools for self healing
  • Learn to be an observer of life
  • Learn to live life with an open heart
  • Learn to let go with love any expectations of others
  • Practice self love techniques
  • Explore meditation practices and techniques
Next 10 sessions
After completing the foundation we enhance and advance the practices to reach a higher spiritual understanding and growth. This can include:
  • Deeper guided meditations
  • Practicing connecting deeper to Spirit and the Earth through energy
  • Tools to help you such as oracle cards, pendulums, automatic writing, journeying

Following is a message from Sandy:

If you are reading this you have either decided to commit to a coaching program with me or you are thinking about it.  I want to share with you, in a nutshell, what to expect.

Through my personal journey and my work with teachers and spiritual leaders first and foremost it’s important for each human to live their life authentically, driven by purpose, self-examination, self-expression and being heart-centered.  With that in my mind my coaching is authentically me; who I am at center, what gifts I possess, how I live and how I reflect that into the world.

My goals are always to educate and guide my clients in becoming more highly evolved, spiritual and heart-centered individuals.

I teach:

  • How to begin to be the observer of your life
  • How to be mindful of what you do, say, feel and think
  • How to get in deeper touch with your physical body, energetic body and mind to reflect, examine and grow
  • How to learn techniques to protect your energy
  • How to learn techniques to better communicate with others
  • How to learn to better communicate with Spirit

We may also practice using tools such as pendulums, oracle cards,  stones, crystals and more.

Do know that my style is less structured or rigid and more organic and flowing because that’s who I am.  Yet as I get to know you I will adjust my coaching based on you, your personality, learning style, life style and level of understanding.

My program is as long as you want it to be.  Some people get enough out of the one ten sessions.  But most, I find, enjoy continuing on to more deeply explore.  It’s a deeply personal experience.

Finally, know that all my work is deeply imbedded in the understanding that all of life here and beyond is best lived heart-centered.  All my work is based on that.  The heart is the wisest part about us and will surely guide us if we learn to tap into it and listen.

So if this all sounds like what would serve your soul’s growth I am so grateful to help you.  But with that do know that it will be hard work and will take a deep commitment on your part as well as mine.

With love always,

Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

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