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“If we all lived life coming from a place of love we would all know in our hearts and souls that we are connected to everyone else, even if at times we are physically alone. Our hearts would know we are energetically connected to each human, each animal, each plant, and tree. We would feel part of Mother Earth and part of the universal consciousness that is endless and ever-flowing with love.”

-Sandy Kamen-Wisniewski, Mindful Spirit

Hi everyone!
Thank you for taking the time to read this. It means a lot to me. I’d like to share with you some of my background so maybe you can get a better overall picture of how I might be able to help you.

I am an intuitive Spiritual Energy Healer and Lightworker. I stumbled into the work really by accident (but really nothing is by accident) and realized I had a strange and unusual gift. I was able to pump up my energy and project that energy to others. I knew instinctually that what I was doing could help people. That was the beginning of it. Since that time I had a lot of formal training in Reiki for both humans and dogs. I don’t really call myself a reiki practitioner because what I do to help people focuses not only on the chakras but on the physical body and soul and is heart-centered. A Lightworker would be a better description, I think. I also have been certified in past life regression and Emotional Freedom Technique. I lead guided meditations and run spiritual classes as well as coaching through my company

My whole life I have been a huge animal lover. I’ve owned or fostered pretty much every kind of domesticated pet, except snakes. I run a humane society called, Animal Education and Rescue. It’s one of my passions. You can learn more about Animal Education and Rescue by following our Facebook page and going to our website at I’m a dog trainer since 1995. My website is My best friend and partner Chuck runs our other company called, The Pet Sitters of America. I started that company in 1987 when I was a teenager. That website is I’m also a licensed humane investigator in the state of Illinois. I investigate complaints of animal neglect or cruelty.

At five-days-old, I was given up for adoption and have had a long and challenging journey coming to terms with being adopted. Now I feel blessed to have been adopted but it was a long and difficult road. I am stronger and wiser because of it so I am very grateful. I speak on occasion about my personal experience with adoption and encourage people in the adoption triad to learn about the challenges, as well as the incredible beauty, of adoption. For a few years, in the late 1990’s I started and ran a support group for people in the adoption triad called The Family Tree.

My motto is always to, “come from a place of love and love” and to “love and let go.” I stress those two important life philosophies in my inspirational speech, The Power of Love, as well as in all my work. All my work is heart-centered. So whenever I do anything I ask myself, “is this coming from service to others or from ego? Service to others equals love. Ego does not help anyone.

In addition to the above, I am a medium in training. A medium is a person who is able to tune into people who have passed on. I am very excited by this field of work and continue to hone in on my skills in this area. It’s truly awesome to connect with people on the other side and deliver messages to their loved ones here. The healing and the comfort it provides people is truly beautiful.

Writing is one of my biggest passions. In addition to dozens of published newspaper and magazine articles, I have published four books: The Animal Warrior, I Can’t Stop Shaking—Ten Million People Live With Essential Tremor, How To Start Your Own Pet Sitting Service and You Are My Sunshine. You can learn more about my books at

On a personal note, my life partner and best friend is Chuck Wisniewski, an enlightened Buddhist. (That’s a story in itself, let me tell you.) We have three children, a girl and two boys and a variety of animals.

Thanks so much for reading this.

Much love,

Other Information

  • President of The Greater Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce
  • Winner of the LUCI award, honoring women business owners
  • Recognized at a congressional meeting by Congressman Bob Dold for her leadership in education and volunteerism, documented in public congressional records in 2015
  • Founder and Director of Animal Education and Rescue, a nonprofit humane society


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