Today My Heart Is Open

Good day everyone!!  It’s been a while since I’ve checked in.  In all honesty, winter is hard on me.  I struggle with Season Affective Disorder (SAD) and so I haven’t been as motivated in general lately.  But here I am today, pushing and plugging away, doing my best to be my best self with what I have and what I don’t.  It’s time I reach out to you!

One of my e-mails this fall was all about SAD and how to look for signs that you are affected by it.  If you didn’t get that e-mail and you are struggling this winter but don’t quite know why read up on SAD. Maybe you miss the sun like I do:)  (It’s actually, in all seriousness, biological.)

There are lots of things you can do to help yourself get through the long Midwestern winter.  If all things holistic don’t do the trick completely, then don’t be stubborn about trying medication.  Believe me, I know, sometimes that’s necessary.

Anyway, I saw this quote and thought of you.

Louise Hay, the woman quoted above, if you haven’t hear of her, has written many books on positive thinking.  This quote is even a good one to print off and read before you start your day everyday.

Love is  energy that we either are “open” to giving and receiving or we keep closed, blocked and locked away.  Or maybe our heart is partially open or just open to some people.  Because love is an energy it can be felt.  You’ll know whether someone you meet has their heart open.  You’ll know, even if it’s not conscious, whether your heart is open simply by the way people treat you because THEY can also sense whether YOUR heart is open.

“Sometimes it takes one person to be brave enough in a relationship to open their heart in order for the other person to take their guard down and open their heart too.”

In my guided meditations on Monday nights sometimes I lead people in visualizing opening their heart.  I’ll share it here:

“Visualize your heart chakra, that’s the area at the center of your chest where your energetic heart resides.  Imagine that there is a door in front of it.  Now imagine opening that door wide, really wide until it is completely open.  Now visualize a beautiful golden light flowing out of your heart and gently flowing out and around you and out, out and out into the world.  You may feel a pulling or heavy feeling in your chest, you may feel a lightness.  Whatever it is it is all good.  Know that when your heart is open you are at your best.  Know that you are safe, you are strong and you are giving your absolute best to the world today.”

So consider a few times a day doing a mental/spiritual check and sense if your heart is open.  If it isn’t or you aren’t sure whether it is, practice this technique and you will be amazed what miraculous things happen when your heart is open.

Always with love,

Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

p.s. If you go onto my web site you can see all the regular classes, as well as other services, I offer.  All my services are affordable because I want everyone to be able to benefit from them so that you can nourish your spirit and follow your soul’s journey.  Together we can change the world for the better:)