Angel Communication

Growing up in a Conservative Jewish home was all about the many traditions of the faith, reading the torah, going to private Jewish school and the closeness of the community. But there was nothing that I can recall that was taught to me about angels.

In my mind angels were of the Christian faith. I had seen photos of them. They were women, with long flowing blond hair, beautiful robes and enormous wings in their backs. It was to me a figure of fairy tales.

But about seven years ago I started on a path of change. I always considered myself a spiritual person. I would have described that as someone who believed that you should be good, kind and giving. You should not lie, cheat or steal. I had gleamed all I had been taught of the ten commandments and my religious teachings and summed that up as “being spiritual.” But I knew deep in my heart that there was so much more.

Spurred on by a personal crisis I began exploring spirituality from a non-religious view point. It was about five years ago that I decided I wanted to learn more about what angels were really. Not from a biblical standpoint but from a modern, metaphysical standpoint. I purchased some books on the subject and dove in. I also attended some classes on angels.

What I learned was that you could call upon an angel any time, anywhere. I needed proof that there are angels. I am all about the proof. So when I read a technique on how to get proof I was all in.

Basically what you did is you closed your eyes and took some deep breathes. You said, “angels, please give me a sign that you are with me.” Then you wait until something comes into your mind’s eye. An object that you would see in real life that would show you proof. I read that often angels are around when you see pennies or feathers. I didn’t think that was sufficient proof at all. Logically, I thought, there are feathers and pennies anyway and that finding any wasn’t proof enough for me.

So as I did this exercise I waited for a sign and in my mind’s eye popped in a circular, silver thing the size of a nickel. I didn’t know at the time what it was called but I knew they sometimes were used along with screws. Later I learned they were called washers. My first thought was, that is so odd, what the heck???

Dismissing it from my mind, it was a beautiful spring day so I decided to take Danny in his stroller to the park that was about two miles from our house. The walk there was perfect. The sun shone down on me, Danny was quietly observing everything and I was enjoying tree watching.

About three quarters of the way there, looking ahead I abruptly stopped and looked down and wouldn’t you know it…there was a silver washer. I was doubt-founded.

It appeared that angels knew me well because they started dropping silver washers EVERYWHERE. I wanted proof, they were going to show me. Then they started leaving them for Chuck in bunches! One time, while driving he stopped at a red light, looked down, out the car window and there were about 30 washers in the street beside his car. Crazy.

But I needed more proof. (Yea, I know, I’m stubborn.) So I decided that I was going to tell the angels what I wanted them to leave for me. I took a long walk to think about it. I didn’t want it so obscure that I was being obnoxious…I wanted to be fair. So I said, “show me something stark white and round.” I figured maybe it would be a rock and if I said stark white that would be way less common than a gray rock. And if I said perfectly round that would be way less common that a roundish white rock.

About a week went by with nothing. I thought to myself, okay, well, now I don’t know if there are angels. I was pretty disappointed. Then one day I was walking on a path and came through to a park. I was working on my controlled breathing and doing some energy exercises. I was just walking out of the park and into a neighborhood when I stopped abruptly and looked down. Right at my feet was a perfectly round, perfectly white washer.

Bending over I picked it up and tears came to my eyes. I laughed out loud and thought, “Angels have a sense of humor. They have sass. They are real.” My heart literally expanded in my chest with love and gratitude…and I was a bit humbled.

Since then washers come to me here and there, always when I need them, when I need to be reminded that angels are with me. Always in odd places too. I have had washers now of different sizes and colors. The size and color seems to symbolize an answer or a correlation to what I was thinking or feeling. Almost like a code answer. It had been about a month or maybe more since I found any washers. I always know that when I don’t find any that I suppose I am in good shape and don’t need the reassurance of the angels.

On Sunday I had two energy healing with two new clients. I always need time to prepare for the healings. I need to clear my energy fields and focus my attention on peace and love. I am always a little nervous about working with new clients. I so badly want to help. I know they are coming to me because they are in pain or struggling in some way. Then I remind myself of what many of my teachers and mentors have said, “do your best. The rest is up to them. You cannot control their lives. But you can guide them.”

Getting to my first appointment a bit early I took off my shoes and did some standing yoga positions, warrior poses, to open myself up and free any residual anxiety. I went into the healing room and turned on the light, and prepared the bed with fresh bedding. I put my cell phone in the usual place on the shelf and set my cup of water down beside that.

My client arrived and after she completed the paperwork I led her in back and we sat and talked for a while. Then she asked to use the bathroom before she laid down for the energy healing. She left and I went over to my phone and picked it up, prepared to turn it on “do not disturb.” When I lifted it up right underneath were two perfectly white washers, perfectly spaced next to each other.

My angels have my back.