Sandy provides one-on-one energy healing in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Her method includes clearing the chakras, the aura, the body systems and the physical body.  A one-on-one online (zoom or other) is also considered a one-on-one energy healing.

  • Regular sessions last 1 hour
  • First timers please allow up to an hour and a half

Sandy’s words of wisdom is a window to a positive World

Corey G.

Sandy has provided me with ways to conquer each day with her ability through energy healing. She is truly genuine and so willing to provide guidance to all that she touches. I value her insight and will continue to work with her through sessions or blogs to maintain peace of mind.

Renee P.

I love Sandy’s individual sessions. Privacy allows you to open yourself up more than you might in a group, and it allows the healing to be more focused because you and Sandy can connect on a deeper level. Often I use these sessions to help me rebalance my energy. You tune up your car to help it run right; you tune up your life and soul to help you achieve the best possible you that you can become. Sandy is extremely talented and intuitive when it comes to healing.

Michele S.



Sandy also provides distance healing. Distance healing is similar to hands-on energy healing but is done from a distance.  “I discovered that distance healing can be just as effective as hands-on healing. All it takes is a photo of the person that I am working on and a shared intention for healing.  It has been a powerful tool for healing.”  A distance healing does NOT include a session with Sandy on zoom or other face-to-face session.

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