Happy Tuesday!

It’s been a while since I have written to you. Winters are long and hard for me intuitively, spiritually and chemically. In that way I act like a bear and hibernate. But the sun in shining and it’s warming up so I feel my inspiration beginning to flow again as I wake up with the longer lasting, warmer, glorious sun.

My inspiration for writing you is this powerful message and artwork. I think this is so, so true…okay, I know it is true. The question is how do we bring all those powerful attributes out and around us and into our every day life? I think it’s a practice. It’s being mindful to take care of ourselves every day, to eat well, meditate, stretch, walk, be in nature and connect with others. It’s a matter of making yourself a priority. It’s taking moments in a day to Just Be. In doing all of that, making it a daily practice, we are at our best.

So many of us struggle, I know I have. I think if anyone says they haven’t I would be very curious how that is possible. But in those struggles can be powerful surges of growth and expansion. The way I look at life is that I refuse to live in darkness, dense energy and upset. And believe me I have been there. My childhood was one big dark cave of sadness.

Instead I insist on learning from hard times, I try and grow and change from all experiences. I find that when I move through my journey in life…which isn’t easy…I have been blessed with moments of deep connections with all that is energy and life and snippets of amazing wisdom that is gifted to me.

Please consider joining me on Wednesdays for six weeks as we explore The Happiness Mission. It begins tomorrow night and is just $10.00 to attend. (There may be a occasional nominal fee for supplies.) I think I can be bold enough to speak for most people by saying that all we really want is to be happy.

The meetings are at ADIO Chiropractic Clinic 316 Peterson Road in Libertyville from 7-9 p.m. Invite a friend, significant other or someone you intuitively know would benefit.
All the best to you now and always,

Sandy Kamen Wisniewski