Energy Healing For Animals

You may not know but I have been heavily involved in working with animals since I was 18-years-old. My first career was running a pet sitting service. Then about five years later I learned dog training and started a business. Then in 2003 I started a non-profit humane society for animals.

In 2011 I stumbled into energy healing work. It’s a long story in itself but over time I got trained as a Reiki practitioner for people and began my own business I call Mindful Spirit, doing energy healing for people. I also was trained in other metaphysical modalities like Past Life Regression, shamanism practices and tapping. I also lead guided meditations. I love helping people and not once in the first few years in business did I think of energy healing for animals…ironically.

But about two years ago I was looking through the course guide of a local holistic wellness facility where I have received much of my training. I saw that a holistic veterinarian in Evanston was teaching Reiki for dogs so I decided to go. Looking back now I can’t believe I didn’t think of energy healing for animals from the beginning. I guess I was just so caught up in doing something different and so badly wanted to help people.

Even after I took the two-day workshop I didn’t apply energy healing much to animals at the time. Then one day I just “woke up”…you know that inner voice that gives you words of wisdom? It said, “you need to work on animals too.”

So I have been doing just that. I work with people AND animals. I do energy healing on the animals that come into our care, through our humane society, that are sick or emotionally upset. I do energy healing for people’s pets and just ask them to make a donation to Animal Education and Rescue in exchange for my services. And to my complete surprise I have been getting AMAZING results!!
In my head I can hear my mentor Sharon saying, “now, why are you surprised?” Because of course I have ALWAYS worked with animals. I have saved countless animals through my rescue work. But energy healing for animals? I guess I am.

Today was the latest surprised. I got a call from our veterinarian about a cat in our care that had a very bad kidney infection and urine infection. Long story short it was suspected based on her symptoms that she had kidney failure, which is not curable.

I decided to try a round of antibiotics even though the prognosis wasn’t great. But Sweetie, the cat, wasn’t tolerating the medication well. She hated it and began to hate me. She would run and hide.
So I looked at the bottle and it looked like it had maybe five more doses in it. I decided to switch to energy healing for her. As I lay my hands on her back and ran them up and down her body she was so thin. I knew that thinness was one of the signs of kidney failure.

But our healing sessions felt like we were so deeply connected. She would feel my hands on her body and instantly relax and I could feel the energy flow. She began seeking out my hands. It was an amazing experience.

After about a month after stopping her medication and after numerous short bursts of energy healing we took her back to the vet for a follow up blood and urine test. I just got the news from the doctor in my voice mail. “I have really good news. Her kidney infection is completely cleared up and she has no sign of a urine infection. She is now able to get adopted. Tell the adoptive family that if they have any questions to contact me.”

My heart is bursting with gratitude. I cannot believe that she is better. I still question my abilities, although Sharon so often has said to me, “you have a gift, Sandy. Own it.” All I can say is that I am humbled and so happy to have maybe been part of Sweetie’s healing.