Guided Meditation is becoming one of the most recognized, natural methods to reduce stress and anxiety and is proven to decrease stress and improve concentration.

  • In these sessions, participants will be led through a guided meditation.
  • After the 20-30 minute meditation, there will be a light, inspiring conversation.

I’ve been blessed to have found Sandy.  I was having panic attacks and didn’t know where to turn.  These have stopped as I meditate regularly now.  I’ve learnt so much these past two years as I’ve taken Sandy’s classes as well as her guided meditation and energy healing sessions.


Sandy is wise, reflective, and authentic. She spreads valuable life lessons, positivity, and compassion wherever she goes! Sandy is the kind of person that you want to surround yourself with! I am inspired by her often and find peace in her guided meditations.

Abbey O.

What a FANTASTIC teacher! 

I’m a beginner with Meditation and the Universe put Sandy in my sight…clearly in your sight as well or you wouldn’t be reading this…

All I had to do was reach out.


Jeff G.

I first found Sandy because I was at a point in my life when I was ready to change and knew I needed help doing it. I love these classes because they are slightly different every time, which gives people exposure to different ways to connect with their spirit. I like the group share because sometimes someone else’s experiences often give me insight into my own motivations. It’s also nice to know you are not alone in your striving for growth in one’s life.

Michele S.

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