1 04, 2019

Aggression and Fear Vs Love and Peace


Look at those huge rocks! It just amazes me how giant rocks like that end up where they do. I don’t know how it happened and the mystery is a big part of the awe and amazement I feel. I don’t need to know the answer, I’d actually rather not, I think. Do you ever [...]

Aggression and Fear Vs Love and Peace2019-04-01T15:36:25-05:00
1 04, 2019

Think About It…How Valuable is Your Health?


Yesterday we bought these (in photo) at the store. Danny has been gobbling them up, he loves them. This was our first time trying them. They are pricey but filled with fabulous nutrition. I always say to myself, when buying more expensive vegetables, “it’s cheaper than doctors by far. I’d rather pay a little more [...]

Think About It…How Valuable is Your Health?2019-04-01T15:32:23-05:00
1 04, 2019

Spinner Rings


For those of you trying to find new techniques to relax, focus and stay in the moment think about getting a spinner ring. Besides there being a variety of beautiful styles they are very practical and functional. When you wear it and if you are feeling stressed or you want to focus you can slowly [...]

Spinner Rings2019-04-01T15:27:47-05:00
1 04, 2019

Think of Ways To Practice Mindfulness


In a world where speed and urgency are a part of every day life it’s essential that we find ways to practice slowing down. It’s where the practice of mindfulness really helps guide your life in a positive and enriching way. The word mindfulness is a new buzz word thrown around but still largely not [...]

Think of Ways To Practice Mindfulness2019-04-01T15:25:55-05:00
28 11, 2018

Practice The Pause


Going from mindless to mindful   Last night I had a delightful dinner with a dear friend. It had been a while since we had gotten together, life happens and time passes. But we caught up and it felt so good to spend the time together.   One of the things we touched on is [...]

Practice The Pause2018-11-28T10:02:05-06:00
25 11, 2018

How To Move Through The Holidays In A Positive State of Mind


Staying in a mindful and spiritual state of being during the holidays can be challenging for many people. That was the topic this morning after our group morning Meditation With Dogs over at Foster's Healthy Pets in Grayslake. Summer (the bulldog mix in the photo) was one of the dogs who attended and she did [...]

How To Move Through The Holidays In A Positive State of Mind2018-11-25T19:46:37-06:00
11 09, 2018

How To Choose Happy


How To Choose Happy Before my Doing Good Deeds Road Trip I discovered this mug on sale at Macy’s. I bought about ten of them. During the trip I left the mugs with notes at different random locations. I kept one for myself and love it. Today I remind myself that I choose to be [...]

How To Choose Happy2018-09-11T18:19:11-05:00
11 09, 2018

Choose How You See The Future Wisely


Choose How You View Our Future Wisely Today I had a meeting with one of my volunteers for the humane society I run and she said, “you know I just read recently that in the not too distance future all human being’s jobs will be replaced by robots. That we’ll get paid to not work [...]

Choose How You See The Future Wisely2018-09-11T18:16:11-05:00
29 08, 2018

Standing In The Rain


What If... It was raining and thundering when I got up this morning. That’s never a good morning for having the dogs go potty outside. They never go by themselves anyway, without me there, so when it’s raining it takes a ton of coaxing to get them to join me. I was standing on the [...]

Standing In The Rain2018-08-29T11:08:26-05:00
29 08, 2018

The Spark


Thursday August 23 at 6:40 p.m. I received this text on messenger: "I know we haven’t spoken in a while but I am heartbroken. My brother committed suicide this morning." It was from a woman named Julie who used to volunteer for me for my humane society. At one time Julie and I had developed [...]

The Spark2018-08-29T10:37:40-05:00

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