Look at those huge rocks! It just amazes me how giant rocks like that end up where they do. I don’t know how it happened and the mystery is a big part of the awe and amazement I feel. I don’t need to know the answer, I’d actually rather not, I think.

Do you ever look at something where it’s sitting so quietly and unassuming and think…wow, imagine the effort in getting that there? If that object could talk, what would it say?

Yesterday, at the same forest preserve where this photo was taken, was an area where there was a giant military gun. It looked more like a cannon to me. It’s in a forest preserve, next to Lake Michigan, that was a military base so it makes sense it’s there, from a historic perspective. But as I looked at the giant gun that was as tall as me and read the description of it on display, I learned more about it and it’s history. It was used in war. It was used elsewhere and moved there.

Then I thought…what if this gun could talk? What a sad and tragic perspective it would have. Being the tool for so much death and destruction. Yet, there it now sits so quietly, peacefully overlooking a beach and a beautiful expanse of water. In its retirement it gets to look out on this serene landscape and watch people walk by quietly…no aggression, fear and defensiveness emulating from them.

As I looked out from it’s vantage point, at what would be the gun’s view, the wind softly blowing, the clean air smelling like all beaches do, I thought of how ironic this is. The gun, a symbol of absolute destruction has its barrel facing a lake that feels so peaceful, calm and gentle.

The conclusion I drew is that we can learn from our past mistakes and choose to be peaceful. War solves nothing but creates more fear, anger and defensiveness.

At some point we, as humans, will have to learn how to live our lives centered and motivated by love. That intention, and only that intention…opening our hearts and living that way, will be the only way we will save this planet from complete destruction.

You and I don’t have control of what others do but we have full control of our actions and reactions. We can choose to live each day with an open heart. That we can do. Be that example for others and you will help change the world for the better. If we don’t, well, then we are just part of the problem.