Choose How You View Our Future Wisely

Today I had a meeting with one of my volunteers for the humane society I run and she said, “you know I just read recently that in the not too distance future all human being’s jobs will be replaced by robots. That we’ll get paid to not work and robots will do all the work. Isn’t that terrible? What kind of life will that be for any of us?”

My answer in short was I totally don’t believe that. I don’t believe the scary things people say are going to happen in the future or are happening now, frankly. This is an amazing time in history where more than ever we are accepting people for who they are.

Women are taking a more leadership role in the world in many ways. Think about in recent American history. Women could n’t even own land or vote. Recently a woman even ran for president.

The masculine that dominated the world creating war and separation is now shifting to a more feminine driven world where women are coming into leadership positions and men are showing more of their feminine side. We are balancing the traits of both genders and celebrating the strengths we all have. We need both masculine and feminine to make us whole. Our souls are both or neither, our souls only knows love.

We will begin to be able to”see” things much more deeply and clearly though telepathy and energy connections. We will use more than our five senses in the future.

We will draw positive strength from the powerful energy of the Earth and of the universe to heal. We will live from our hearts more and find that quiet space in our heads/minds so as to eliminate all that destructive chatter. Our minds will think more clearly and precisely.

If we send out into the world messages of doom and gloom then we send that destructive message out to the world. Then we create a world that’s destructive. If we send out messages of expansion, connection, love and peace that’s what will grow.

Believe in a positive future. Believe we humans have the capacity to do great things now and in the future.