Staying in a mindful and spiritual state of being during the holidays can be challenging for many people. That was the topic this morning after our group morning Meditation With Dogs over at Foster’s Healthy Pets in Grayslake.

Summer (the bulldog mix in the photo) was one of the dogs who attended and she did fantastic. During the guided meditation she actually flopped over on her side and fell asleep!

After the meditation Chuck and I always share a message of inspiration, spiritual growth and insight for those who attend. This Sunday it was all about how to be at your best during the holiday season.

First, we need to recognize and honor the place emotionally we are individually, as well as each individual in the world. We are all on our own journey’s of growth and learning. The fact that you are reading this is ten steps ahead of many people who aren’t even at a place where they understand the importance of their spiritual growth and how they affect the world. So a big hug to you for your contribution to the betterment of the world!

Little by little though, more people are becoming aware and things are shifting more and more. People are becoming aware that there is a better way to live our lives. This morning Chuck and I shared some insights about how to manage and navigate the oftentimes much more intense time of year, the holiday season.

The message began with understanding that we have to be mindful of how we feel and how we come across. If we are feeling stressed out or depressed it’s important to stop in that moment of recognition and just concentrate on our breath. Be mindful of where we feel anxious, stress, pain, in our chakra system and visualize cleaning and clearing those chakras. We could not stress the importance of that enough.

Mark, one of the participants that was there this morning said, “when I first starting coming to meditation over two years ago I was a little skeptical about the chakras. But when I started applying the techniques when I wasn’t feeling well in some way I saw the positive results. Now I fully believe in clearing chakras and the body is very affected by them.”

Another technique which helps to not absorb other people’s negative energy is to visualize putting a bubble or ball of protection around your body. Then remind yourself that negativity and toxic energy cannot penetrate it. Only loving and compassionate energy will come through.

I also suggested each day to write down and say out loud what you are grateful for. It should be the little things like, having heat in the cold weather, clothes on your back, a smile from a child, whatever.

One other point I made was the importance of realizing that how we behave, act and what we put out there affects everyone. We have a responsibility to behave in a way that helps people and does not harm people. Further yet, while we are in this body, we need to be of service to humanity, to animals and to the Earth…and that means everything in it. In being of service we are ultimately fulfilling our life’s purpose.

So the bottom line is that whether it’s the holidays…and maybe especially during the holiday season…we need to take care of ourselves, be mindful of how we behave and what we put out there. We need to come from a place of love and service always.

If we all came from an authentic place of love, connection, understanding and compassion this would be a world of peace. We are moving towards that, I am sure of it. I encourage you to take the lead, be the light and love and over time we will lead everyone to peace on Earth.