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All Life Matters


This was written for my humane society, Animal Education and Rescue's Facebook page.  I thought some of you may enjoy it: Less than two years ago a teeny hamster found herself in a major predicament. A seven-year-old child put her in his backpack and thinking it was an ever-so-brilliant idea, brought her to school. Deep [...]

All Life Matters2016-06-05T07:36:01-05:00

Bucket List


Yes, I have a bucket list.  A few of my top things to do before I die are: To give an inspirational speech (or ideally many) in front of a big auditorium(s). To drive around in an ice cream truck and give out ice cream to people. 3. To spend a day working in a [...]

Bucket List2016-06-03T07:40:00-05:00

Memorial Day


Remembering Those Who Died Serving The Armed Forces Everyone has been affected by the actions of war. While I was not in the military...that would have been horrible for me and for the military (I was very much like the main character in the movie Private Benjamin)...I have experienced some of the trickle down affect [...]

Memorial Day2016-05-30T07:01:24-05:00

Work Hard On Yourself


It's been a bit of time since I last e-mailed you. I like to try and get to it once a week. I think that's a good amount, not too much or too little. But I think it's been a tad longer this time. So I am sending this really wonderful quote I found. Yesterday [...]

Work Hard On Yourself2016-05-29T08:27:33-05:00

A Common Thread In Lifetimes


So, I wanted to share with you an experience I recently had that I think has a good lesson in it. Saturday I took an all-day workshop on Past Life Regression lead by a woman named Mira Kelley, at a place called, Infinity Foundation (a fabulous place to take classes on holistic and spiritual growth). [...]

A Common Thread In Lifetimes2016-05-24T09:25:54-05:00

Who am I responsible for, really?


On Facebook I only look at a few other Facebook pages other than close family and friends Facebook pages. The two I look at are positive affirmation/outlook pages that lift me up and get me to think. This morning I saw this and it got me thinking... In my walks of life I am in [...]

Who am I responsible for, really?2016-05-18T09:12:36-05:00

I Like People With Depth


  In the past 20 years so much has changed. We get busier and busier and more fragmented, juggling too many projects and activities and keeping our noses in our computers and cell phones way too much. We humans have a tendency to do things to extremes and I believe this is our extreme now. [...]

I Like People With Depth2016-05-11T10:12:15-05:00

Do Something To Nourish Yourself


I saw this and thought of all of you. This saying was also good for me today too. Last Tuesday I had put my dog to sleep. While she was old and I knew our time was limited, it happened suddenly. I believe in one way it was a blessing in disguise but in another [...]

Do Something To Nourish Yourself2016-05-11T09:25:12-05:00



In my way of thinking choosing to be happy is VITAL and ESSENTIAL to my health; physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Beyond that, the even bigger picture is that many people and animals count on me to stay healthy so I can be here to help others. When I feel low, drained, depleted or exhausted [...]


Fighting The Fight AGAIN


So yesterday I was insistent that I was NOT going to fight the school again. I heard there was going to be a balloon launch at my son's grade school and I cringed. When my first two kids (now 26 and 25) were in school I fought the school on so many things. Most of [...]

Fighting The Fight AGAIN2016-05-03T08:01:21-05:00

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