Love and Let Go

13669575_848523931969104_8981979215359044687_nThis saying is so true. The Earth is made up of not only of dense energy (things we can see) but high-vibrating energy that we cannot visually see but that we can “feel or sense” with our intuition.

We all are able to sense people’s emotions. Those emotions affect us. As I have become more sensitive to unseen energy I have also become more mindful of the kind of energy around me. As I continue to evolve in a way that helps me to grow in a positive way I understand the importance of staying clear of negative energy. That doesn’t mean that I am rude or shun people who are giving negative energy but instead I wrap my love around them and disconnect at the same time. I called it, “Loving and Letting Go.”

Practicing this has changed my make up of close friendships and sometimes that’s hard for me. But in the long run though it’s not only for my best interest to not respond to negativity and move away from it but it’s in the best interest of my life’s purpose, which includes how I impact others.

As much as we need to mindful not to get wrapped up in negativity we need to continue to “stay awake” and enthusiastically embrace positive energy that helps us to grow and reinforce “positivity” in the world.

Have a wonderful day!

Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

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