Best Quality Life

Good morning! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your morning so far.

About two years ago I started another company called Mindful Spirit. Through it I focus on helping people; mind, body and spirit. I went through extensive training and certification and continue to learn and grow every day. But the affects of the business have been much greater than I ever expected.

One of the main things to having a quality life, from my point of view, as well as many others in the professional health care field, is the importance of preventing illnesses. More so I’ll top that and say…wouldn’t we all not only want to prevent illness but have the BEST life possible?

A incredibly simple tool you can use any time every day that requires no fancy tools or special certification is to meditate. I believe very strongly meditation is the foundation to positive change in a huge way.

Meditation lowers blood pressure, centers and balances the mind and the emotions, let’s the mind seek clarity in thoughts, providing solutions to dilemmas and so much more.

So often I hear people say, “I can’t meditate” or “It’s just not my thing” or “I can’t stay still that long” or “I can’t think of NOTHING.” I can tell you that EVERYONE can meditate and it’s NOT about thinking of nothing. There are dozens of kinds of meditations. It’s a practice. The more you practice the better you get. You just have to keep at it.

Seeing the amazing, positive affects of meditation in my students and clients I thought to myself…what if we combine meditation with pet therapy? I knew from providing pet therapy for Animal Education and Rescue (AEAR), the humane society I founded in 2003 and even before AEAR, for some 25 years, the impact it had on people has been wonderful. It lowers blood pressure, relieves depression and brings people together in a loving way.

That’s when I approached Claudia from Shear Paradise Grooming in Mundelein and asked her if she would host Mediation with Dogs. If both meditation and pet therapy by themselves were improving people’s lives then imagine great things would happen when combining the two would do? Claudia, always open-minded to my ideas, agreed.

So twice a month, the second and fourth Sunday of the month from 10:30 a.m. until around noon we have meditation with dogs at Shear Paradise in Mundelein. It’s open to the public and all we ask is for you to bring a donation for AEAR…it can be from our wish list or for our donation basket. It’s a great way to start, jump start or bring diversity to your meditation practices.

I hope you’ll join us this morning. You don’t need to bring a dog but if you have a calm, dog and people friendly dog they are welcome. We will have dogs there from AEAR volunteering their time. You can bring a towel, yoga mat or we can provide a chair. It is open to mature kids 8 and over and adults. Shear Paradise is at 400 N. Seymour in Mundelein. The doors will be locked at 10:45 when we begin meditation.

That’s it for now. Maybe I’ll see you this morning, or some time in the near future. But in any case I wish for you only happiness, peace and deep, loving connections with others.

Always in love,

Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

Guided meditation with dogs