May Your Day Be Filled With Happy Moments

May your day be filled with happy thoughtsI hope the above message brings a smile to your heart today.

This morning as I was working outside on my upper deck I heard a very loud crash and knew that it was a car accident just seconds from where I sat. It’s a menacing sound…cars crashing into each other…spooky and angry. Because I live on a busy road I have witnessed more than a few crashes and it’s always a sad and scary moment.

Immediately after I heard the crash I sent loving and healing thoughts in the direction of the sound. In minutes I heard sirens of police and then an ambulance (I assume) heading that way. It got me thinking about so many things at once. First, I thought about those people in that accident and their loved ones. They are not going to have a very good day. Then I thought, life is so fragile and anyone’s life can change completely in but a moment.

My next thought was how it was just a few minutes and rescuers were there to help….that most human beings are really good…that we humans go to bat for each other, look after each other, more often than not…that we have everyday heroes everywhere around us. Lastly, I thought about how grateful I am that all is well in my little world and I have zero to complain about and lots to be happy about. :):)

On a different note…

The past few days I have been adding some new events, classes and gatherings on the calendar on my web site. Some of the gatherings/meetings are at low or no cost…my gift to you. I am currently working out dates for my class: Five Weeks of Spiritual Growth. It is a fantastic, enlightening class. It will open your mind and heart to a peaceful and joy-filled life. I hope you’ll consider attending. Check back tomorrow to see when that class starts and if you’d like to attend sign up soon because I am limiting the class size.

That’s it for now. Hug someone today and tell them you are grateful for them.

Always in love to you,

Sandy Kamen Wisniewski