11 09, 2018

How To Choose Happy


How To Choose Happy Before my Doing Good Deeds Road Trip I discovered this mug on sale at Macy’s. I bought about ten of them. During the trip I left the mugs with notes at different random locations. I kept one for myself and love it. Today I remind myself that I choose to be [...]

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11 09, 2018

Choose How You See The Future Wisely


Choose How You View Our Future Wisely Today I had a meeting with one of my volunteers for the humane society I run and she said, “you know I just read recently that in the not too distance future all human being’s jobs will be replaced by robots. That we’ll get paid to not work [...]

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29 08, 2018

Standing In The Rain


What If... It was raining and thundering when I got up this morning. That’s never a good morning for having the dogs go potty outside. They never go by themselves anyway, without me there, so when it’s raining it takes a ton of coaxing to get them to join me. I was standing on the [...]

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29 08, 2018

The Spark


Thursday August 23 at 6:40 p.m. I received this text on messenger: "I know we haven’t spoken in a while but I am heartbroken. My brother committed suicide this morning." It was from a woman named Julie who used to volunteer for me for my humane society. At one time Julie and I had developed [...]

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7 08, 2018

Walking Path


Life as we know it is a winding path of many roads, many intersections and many directions to choose. Some paths are steep, some broken, some with sharp turns and perfectly paved. It’s inevitable that at times we will pick the way we perceive as the wrong way. Those times give us the opportunity to [...]

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7 08, 2018

Spiritual Technique To Forgive Someone


Late last night I received a text message from someone I'll call Sue, who I helped recently. I did a distance healing for her, smudged her house and also spoke to her deceased father. I was able to get her some answers to some of the questions she had for her father and then helped [...]

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7 08, 2018

Spiritual Growth, Struggle and More


Tonight’s guided meditation class was very nice. It’s been a while since I’ve seen everyone. The past month and a half or so I’ve had to cancel each one because there weren’t enough people signed up. Looking around the room at everyone this evening I felt a sense of pride, gratitude and blessings. Everyone on [...]

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22 06, 2018

Miss Grumpy


The weather this morning is rainy and dreary.  As is customary I followed the extra-excited, enthusiastic dogs as they ran like a fast moving commuter train outside for their early morning constitutional.  As a rule it's a bit of a frantic undertaking, tackling mornings.  Running a humane society for animals, my home having been [...]

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