Late last night I received a text message from someone I’ll call Sue, who I helped recently. I did a distance healing for her, smudged her house and also spoke to her deceased father. I was able to get her some answers to some of the questions she had for her father and then helped her father cross over.

Sue was really working hard on opening her heart and forgiving family members she perceived did wrong by her. She recently read that she should write down the people’s names who she’s upset with on pieces of paper and then burn them. The idea is that symbolically she burns the anger, angst and upset she has about them.

Now, that particular technique doesn’t really resinate with me from a spiritual standpoint. Mainly it “feels” harsh and aggressive to me. But that’s just me and my ways and I didn’t want to discourage her. The bigger picture is she was still working on opening her heart and forgiving those she felt wronged her.

In her text last night she asked me, “I’m getting ready to burn the pieces of paper in my fire pit with people’s names that wronged me. What should I say?”

So I wrote a prayer for her that can work for you too if you harbor anger or upset towards someone. One thought, instead of the fire and burning their names, here’s a different and I think gentler approach:

Light some candles and sit in quiet meditation. You can turn on soft music if you’d like. Close your eyes. Imagine that person who you are upset with. Imagine what they look like. Breath in and out gentle breathes. Try and just look at their image passively, observing as if their image is just that, their image.

Then imagine that there is a energetic cord that’s is binding you to them, from their heart to yours. The cord is golden and thick. See it clearly. Now imagine that cord and cut or chop that imaginary cord apart. Keep doing that until you feel that you are disconnected.

Then say this prayer (more than once if you need to): “It is with an open heart and with love that I leave anger and hurt behind me. I let go of negative feelings of those that I felt wronged me. Instead, as I let go of the perception and experiences of the past that wounded me, I embrace a bright and loving today and tomorrow. I am light and I am love.”