Tonight’s guided meditation class was very nice. It’s been a while since I’ve seen everyone. The past month and a half or so I’ve had to cancel each one because there weren’t enough people signed up.

Looking around the room at everyone this evening I felt a sense of pride, gratitude and blessings. Everyone on their own paths…

The people who have been coming for a while, they carry with them new strength and peace. I definitely sensed their relief that we were meeting again but I also sensed that even though we hadn’t seen each other for a while they were still taking care of themselves, meditating, practicing mindfulness. I felt a bit like a proud mom seeing her kids coming into their own.

The new people there, as they came in, were a bit overwhelmed with life and lost as to what to do about it. I’ve seen it over and over again. There’s a overwhelmed feeling I get from them, an exhaustion, unease and deep-seeded tension and fear. Almost a bewilderment like a child who is lost in the woods not knowing how to find their way home.

All I can do is tell them that everyone begins their growth feeling wounded and encourage them to keep coming back. I tell them to be patient and know this is a process. The others in the group who have come so far are great role models for those just beginning their spiritual growth. It was so nice to hear the people who are making progress encourage the others.

One woman was sharing the struggles she has with her child’s long term emotional issues. She was clearly in great pain for her daughter and felt a sense of not having any control of how to help her. She felt loss, deeply sad and overwhelmed by it all.

As humans more often than not we have to experience great pain in order to wake up and really work on changing our life for the better. It’s like we need to almost die inside to finally really live.

If the woman who is struggling emotionally continues to study spirituality and work on her own growth, how she relates to her daughter and her daughter’s struggles will change. She’ll come to an acceptance of what is and be at peace knowing that everyone has their own journey. She’ll learn to trust in the wisdom of what you might call Source, the inner self, the universe, etc.


Today I got this sign in the photo at Hobby Lobby. They had 50% off all signs. (I went there for one small thing and spent over $200 on lots of things! ) I set the sign on the ledge of my window by my bed. When I wake up and when I go to sleep it’ll be one of the first and last things I see.


Some reminders:

Post positive messages in your home.
Spend time with people that want to grow, expand their knowledge and find their inner peace.
Love yourself and keep your heart open to others.