The weather this morning is rainy and dreary.  As is customary I followed the extra-excited, enthusiastic dogs as they ran like a fast moving commuter train outside for their early morning constitutional.  As a rule it’s a bit of a frantic undertaking, tackling mornings.  Running a humane society for animals, my home having been lovingly dubbed “The Orphanage,” the demands of the ever-changing dogs and cats at the get-go when I wake up is high.

The dogs ran outside, relieved themselves and trooped inside for breakfast line up and everyone finished with full and content bellies.  Then it was back outside for their final time outside in the early morning.  By now it’s around 6:15 a.m.

As I stood outside in the dank, wet, dreary morning, the rain so faint I stood in it, barely wet, I realized Miss Grumpy was hanging around.  Yep.  Me. Miss Grumpy.  It’s a secret I am revealing now.  Those that know me don’t really ever see Miss Grumpy.  I am so affected and connected to the weather that it’s hard to shake the dreariness I seem to mimic when we have days like these.  So I decided to combat it. I would do yoga stretching outside, the dogs roaming around me, and use my free weights.  It had been a few days.

So I began with arm curls and walked our dog park area, once a generous-sized driveway that was now an amazing doggy playground, pumping my arms and breathing in and out mindfully.  The dogs, used to my strange behavior (that’s what they would say if they could speak), followed me around like a parade as I used my weights.  Satisfied I worked all my upper body muscles, I proceeded with walking lunges.  The dogs love those.  For some reason the young and rambunctious dogs  start rough-housing amongst each other when I begin.  As I am walking and lunging I am occasionally correcting them if they get too rough with each other or the newbie, a pretty shepherd mix we named Maple.

Then squats follow.  Of course some of the dogs can’t resist sniffing my butt as I jut it out behind me (the correct form) as I go down.  Miss Grumpy grits her teeth and Sandy releases a breath and tells the offending dog to “stop it.”  This position, too much to resist, the dog continues and so Miss Grumpy waves her hand frantically behind her like at the irritating nose.  Then it’s Warrior poses that end my little work out, facing the few pine trees the neighbors generously have in their yard, providing me a beautiful backdrop and illusion of county life, to breath and let go of Miss Grumpy for good.

The best part of the morning is when all the dogs are fed and have been outside, the cats fed, the litter boxes cleaned, the ferrets tended to.  By 7:30 a.m. I have done the work of most people’s whole week with their animals and I am satisfied, relieved and I take some time for me.

Today, I acknowledge the weather and hope it gets sunnier so that I can shine without so much struggle.  Miss Grumpy is still lurking a little around me but I’ll keep breathing her away and remind myself that I don’t have to “be” grumpy.  Actually, I have a responsibility to me and everyone I see today to be joyful, content and at peace.  Acknowledging my sensitivity to weather…knowing myself, has really helped me to work through the days that are more challenging and find my happy place of sunshine inside regardless of what’s around me.

With love,