Today I am working on a healing session for my foster dog Lucy. Energy healing has been extremely helpful to her and she’s ready for another session. The last one was about a month ago.

Many years ago now I discovered a gift I had to heal people. It was by accident…or probably not…that I stumbled onto this amazing ability to help in this profoundly impactful way. I do not say this with ego or arrogance at all, trust me, it’s with a deep sense of humble gratitude.

For two years I trained and practiced my gift through experienced teachers in the art of healing and through lots of practice. But in those first few years not once did I think of energy healing for animals…ironic, I think, since I run a humane society for animals.

One day, deep in my daily practice of helping people, I was reading Infinity Foundation’s catalogue and saw that a holistic veterinarian was going to be teaching Reiki for dogs there. I was intrigued. How was energy healing different for dogs? I spoke to one of my mentors about it and she said, “Sandy, it’s the same thing as healing for people. You are already doing it.” But for some reason I felt compelled to sign up anyway.

The class was two days and while my mentor was right, I didn’t really “learn” anything particularly new that I didn’t already know, it did motivate me to start doing energy healing for animals. And I’m so glad I did and I am amazed at how it has helped!

The first session I did with Lucy she literally jumped when I laid my hand on her chest. After the session was over the change in her was incredible. The wound-super-tight, highly-anxious dog became calm, centered and at peace.

Some of the other dogs I did healing for that are in our care: Bobby, the dog with the broken pelvis, Mouse, the handicapped dog, Summer, the pit bull that was so close to death and so many more. And Willow, the senior cat, who has had life-threatening seizures and is in heart failure. She’s still going strong! In her case a combination of medications and healing seems to be doing the trick for now.

If you would have had the “old” Sandy read this six years ago she would have been very skeptical about this modality of healing so how it “came to me” makes perfect sense. If I hadn’t have stumbled into it I would not have even noticed it.

I highly recommend for every pet owner to consider energy healing as a regular part of their pets care. If a pet has physical or emotional issues it can be extremely helpful. ❤️