This is meant for someone who is motivated and prepared to work hard every day to change, grow and live the emotionally rich, spiritually enlightened life you’ve always dreamed of.

  • This is a 12-week program
  • Each week is one hour of one-on-one plus customized assignments to complete each week
  • The program can be paid in full at the start or paid in 2 installments, half at the beginning and second half midway through.
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Spiritual coaching is a one-on-one program with Sandy. This is meant for people who want to deepen their life spiritually, physically and soulfully.

Sandy will work with you on attainable goals to improve your physical health and work with energy within and without to increase your positive energy flow. She will teach you about deepening your spirituality through meditation, mindfulness, positive affirmations, reading, writing and much, much more.


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