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I have arranged a gathering for ladies. It’s for women to celebrate friendships with women! There are some costs involved like the hand outs and meet up charges so any donations are appreciated. (A suggested $10 donation is suggested but not required. I’ll be passing a basket around at the event.)

During the two hours, I will lead a somewhat structured program to encourage people to get to know each other and themselves. This won’t be like your typical social where you talk about superficial things that really are not of deep meaning, like what the weather forecast is, who we live with and what we do for a living. This is meant for people who really want to begin to potentially build friendships and/or explore people’s interests, thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. Of course, you can share whatever you want but this is not a superficial gathering…I think we can all agree we get plenty of that already!

You will note that if you know me or follow any of my work our direction of conversations will always have a thread of Spirituality in it. That’s because I’m a very spiritual person and I believe in the power of love and connection. That said, while I respect everyone’s religious beliefs (that’s what being loving and connected is about) we won’t be focusing on any particular religions or religious systems.

All I ask of you is to come with an open heart, open mind and a place of curiosity about life and other people in it. It’ll be casual, relaxed and down-to-Earth.

Due to the changes going on now as of this writing in 2021 I want you to know we will be limiting the amount of people that come to this to no more than 20, although typically we have more like 8-12 women total, sometimes less.

We are meeting in someone’s home in the Hainsville/Grayslake area. I DO NOT wear a mask. Most of the women that attend don’t wear masks either. If that makes you in any way uncomfortable please do not come. It is, I believe, our individual choice whether we want to participate in social gathering. Also, note that due to the fact this is someone’s home we can’t all be six feet apart because her house isn’t that big! So again, please don’t come if you are uncomfortable with that.

If you’d like to bring a snack to share feel free. I’m asking people to please if they bring something to make it healthy.

Please make sure to RSVP with me if you are coming. You can do that either on the contact page of this web site or on my facebook page Sandy Kamen-Wisniewski.  I will e-mail all the people who RSVP’d that they are attending a few days before and again the day before with exact directions to her house and my cell number you can reach me at if you get lost. Finally, if you have any questions please reach out as well.